Advertising and Media


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Competing for ever-shortening customer attention is increasingly challenging in today’s market. Testing ad concepts, messaging, or other campaign elements before launching a campaign allows clients to refine their messaging, and avoids wasting precious advertising dollars. Targeted, culturally sensitive messaging leads to building trust with customers, fulfilling their needs and providing solutions whether realized or unrealized by the customer.

Working in concert with its U.S. and South American (or International) clients, EurekaFacts uses the right mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies that help clients create impactful, meaningful connections with their audiences. Be it through traditional, digital or social advertising, messages that resonate drive the customer experience, our clients’ success and their bottom line.

Maximizing your Media Impact

Advertising and media decisions are hard. Endless possibilities exist at every turn and yet, for every advertising dollar that works, many more are wasted. From message development, execution to advertising placement across an ever growing of traditional and digital media channels, the task has never been greater.

Following good judgement, experience, and thoughtful choices is simply not enough; the speed at which the environment changes and messages rise from viral to irrelevant make things even more challenging. 

At EurekaFacts, our teams of experts bring their insights and analytical strengths to every step of the process. We work with your creative team, provide real-time metrics on influence and impact, and develop customized media mix optimization models to maximize campaign outcomes.

We use state-of-the-Art techniques to better understanding emotional response to messaging and help you optimize your campaign. Leveraging the hyper-abundance of data and the flexibility of digital campaigns we develop optimization models that make sure every dollar generates its highest impact. But above all, we are an organization designed to understand people, how they absorb new information, how they interact with products and services, and how they respond. We use this expertise to become your new source of competitive advantage.