Organizational Design

16 organizationaldesignThe 21st century requires agile and high performance companies that can quickly and efficiently adjust to rapid changes of the global market.

To achieve high performance indicators, (profitability, customer service, and internal operations) as well as employee satisfaction and retention, organizational structures and processes need to be designed to be conducive to efficient performance.

EurekaFacts has developed a robust approach to organizational design methodology that systematically examines and identifies dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems; realigns them to fit current business strategies and goals and develops plans to implement new changes.

The EurekaFacts’ approach systematically examines factors and conditions affecting workflow processes, system limitations, as well as interaction and interrelation between various processes and implements relevant best practices to identify design requirements and specifications for organizational systems.

The EurekaFacts interdisciplinary team includes organizational design and behavior specialists, sociologists, psychologists, and human factors specialists in order to deliver comprehensive and holistic organizational design solutions and to integrate people with core business processes, technology, and systems.