Customer Satisfaction

5 customersatifacIn a highly competitive environment where customer demands and expectations rise within and across service categories, high levels of customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty are paramount to enterprise success. While contexts and benefits vary from case to case, this perspective is true for commercial products, services, nonprofit and government organizations.

Although much of the literature focuses on customer satisfaction, customer behavior points to the need to expand the concept of customer satisfaction measurement to also include loyalty and total value. EurekaFacts uses a proven systematic model that incorporates a market-driven approach. The measurements examine five key dimensions: 

  • Customer experience – Perception of the overall experience and the key factors that drive the experience.
  • Key service elements – Perceived quality of the key components that define the bundle of benefits.
  • Emotional involvement – Value and intensity of affective involvement and response to the experience and brand.
  • Perceived value - Perceived value in relation to expectations, as well as in relation to competing offers/alternatives.
  • Loyalty – Evaluates the price sensitivity in the broadest terms. This includes the customer’s willingness to repeat/continue to purchase, tolerate flaws, recommend to peers and associates, comply, and advocate for.