Membership Solutions

solution membership solutionsHow do I create a vibrant membership for my association? Membership organizations that hit the mark in their target market derive the benefits of many advocates that make their organization stronger and more effective.

Those organizations that build and maintain an engaging brand, as well as an array of services that meet the needs of their customers, become vibrant forces that advance professions, occupations, and industries.

Through our suite of methodologies and data-driven approaches, EurekaFacts addresses organizational needs to inform membership engagement strategies. We uncover sought value and deliver pathways to new member acquisition, retention, re-engagement, and increased relevance.

We approach the tiers that drive engagement from branding through tactical offers. We examine the segments within your target market and develop data-driven member profiles, along with messaging and product targeting guidelines. Our member satisfaction measurement tools help you keep the pulse and drive continuous improvement.

Our consultative approach results in customized data-driven efforts that achieve their intended outcomes. 

Some examples of our work include:

  • Branding of membership organizations
  • Enhancement of value of membership
  • New member acquisition strategies and tactics
  • Membership engagement and lifetime engagement cycle
  • Membership value bundling and dues pricing
  • Membership satisfaction / customer feedback program
  • Local presence/chapter strategic planning
  • Strategic landscape using five forces analysis
  • Industry/sector studies and benchmarking