Employee Engagement

solution employee engagementAn organization’s ability to function properly begins with its employees. An organization operates at its optimal level when its employees are satisfied. Employees perform at their best when they enjoy their work and have the necessary tools to do their job well. Dissatisfied employees prevent your organization from reaching its full potential. People at work do not perform as well when they are overworked, disengaged, or fail to possess the necessary tools to complete their job well. This leads to higher rates of turnover and decreased productivity, ultimately damaging the business. Understanding the source of their frustration helps you make changes that will have a significant impact on the individual employee and the overall performance of the organization.

EurekaFacts has significant experience conducting employee engagement surveys. The key to our methods of assessment are the following:

  • Understanding our client and their research needs. No one knows your business better than yourself, therefore we work closely with key stakeholders and their employees to better understand their organization.
  • EurekaFacts uses knowledge from industry-wide best practices to create an employee engagement instrument which best evaluates your organization.
  • Propose and develop customized research methods that will allow us to best understand the unique nature of the organization, and identify possible gaps in employee engagement. Some potential research methods include:
    • Comprehensive literature review
    • In-depth Interviews and/or focus groups
    • Multi-mode survey administration: Web, online, telephone, or paper
  • A combination of the voice of the employee and industry-wide best practices allows for valid data, which can be turned into actionable insight.

Satisfied employees are the difference between a thriving business and a failing business. From our previous experience, we have learned to use the client’s voice, alongside industry-wide best practices, to provide consulting solutions that will maximize employee engagement, thereby helping your organization reach its full potential.