Segmentation & Profiling

solution segmentationUsing advanced quantitative and qualitative market analysis tools and methodologies, we will help you identify and gain new insights into the different segments that make up your market. We'll help you understand where your organization has already maximized its reach and where you'll find receptive prospects in new or existing markets.

We will provide detailed profiles of your customer segments and show you how to apply this information to increase your market effectiveness. Our work focuses on helping you use data to develop actionable strategy and tactics.

  • Know your top markets and what impacts them.
  • Know your customer in ways that lead to specific marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Invest time, effort, and resources in the markets that make sense for you.
  • Score your prospect and customer databases to prioritize and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Needs Analysis

What are the needs, satisfaction levels, and expectations of your customers?

Fully understanding the needs, satisfaction levels, and expectations of target audiences is essential to the success of services and programs that you offer.

With our experience in conducting numerous studies of needs assessment, EurekaFacts will conduct research to uncover and synthesize information relevant to perceptions and satisfaction levels, as well as the present and anticipated needs of your target audiences.

EurekaFacts has conducted needs assessments:

  • To explore and uncover information applicable to increasing customer acquisition and retention.
  • To explore and identify the needs and wants of current and potential customers.
  • To determine how customer satisfaction can be maximized.
  • To uncover what program and service offerings, targeting, and positioning are needed.