Rapid in-person Qualitative Research

Traditional qualitative research methods of gathering information can be slow, difficult, and time consuming, but EurekaFacts’ ExpressQual makes starting and completing a research project on time and on budget.

ExpressQual provides expedited qualitative research, allowing quicker and high quality turnaround on market research studies. EurekaFacts employs its powerhouse, nationwide team of well-qualified professionals, seasoned moderators, social science scientists, expert recruiters, and analysts to complete these expedited projects.


  1. Prompt recruiting, analysis and reporting which provides swift data; for instance, customized projects can be completed in five cities, two groups per city, in only 10 days
  2. Budget friendly and competitively priced compared to traditional qualitative studies, ExpressQual utilizes standardized procedures and the latest technology, allowing it to complete reports faster at a lower cost
  3. Optimally-sized groups ideal for in-depth probing
  4. Multilingual English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian capabilities allowing cross-cultural behavioral science insights
  5. In-house, custom recruitment for general population segments – EurekaFacts is also known for recruiting hard to reach audiences
  6. Expert analysis used to develop structured, high qualitative, substantive topline reports with actionable insights
  7. Research on currently available markets: Washington, DC, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, L.A., Upstate New York, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, and expanding to new markets throughout Latin America