2 transportationEurekaFacts has a strong track record in the transportation sector. Experience and a team of experts support a wide range of efforts. From conducting interviews with transportation agency executives and managing a wide range of functions, to fielding one-on-one interviews and CATI surveys in order to explore ridership, the firm has perfected its methods to develop successful inquiries. Through conducting business process documentation, examining customer satisfaction, providing administrative staffing support, and multiple other engagements, the company has gained significant subject matter expertise that can be applied to a wide range of transportation-related areas. Among the various studies and consulting efforts that illustrate our strong past performance in the sector are:

  • Business Process Documentation and Analysis
  • Ridership Survey
  • Customer Needs, Satisfaction and Strategic Planning
  • Administrative Support for Rail and Bus Metro
  • Focus Groups with Riders
  • Census Questions on Transportation and Commute
  • Highway Safety and Distracted Driving
  • Pedestrian Safety Campaign Evaluation
  • Transportation Security Message Testing