Program Metrics Reporting

10programmetricsUS Department of State Office of International Visitors maintains cooperative agreements with outside program agencies to implement the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). To ensure the program agencies remain effective in their work, a data collection instrument was developed to monitor performance at program agencies.

Objective: The US Department of State asked EurekaFacts to provide analytical services in the evaluation of an international program including program evaluation, multivariate analysis, significance testing, and data reporting on secured websites.

Method: Based on the information needs, EurekaFacts conducts analysis of the program evaluation checklist, and prepares summary analytics reports that include overall and agency-specific views of the program measures. EurekaFacts also provides the findings to each agency with quarterly updates accessible by a password-protected website dashboard. The evaluations provide the US Department of State and program agencies with a comprehensive understanding of weaknesses and strength of each program agency.

Outcome: Findings are used to manage program efforts, quality improvement, and budgeting.