Ad Campaign Evaluation

8adcampaignevaluationObjectives: The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) tasked EurekaFacts with conducting an economic impact study of programs and measuring advertising effectiveness. In addition to the data from previous efforts, the organization holds studies conducted on related efforts by the organization and other entities.  Providing evaluation that measures the economic impact of the RBFF programs, the advertising effectiveness of current programs and the exploration of possible changes to the campaigns required a mix of studies.

Method: Research activities conducted to deliver required information include:

  •  Literature reviews and cataloging of the availability of key information relative to fishing and boating participation, motivators, barriers, and participation in gateway activities among the demographic groups of interest. The available body of knowledge was synthesized in dynamic reports and loaded to a literature search database that allowed campaign managers to access information as needed and led to a refined information mission for upcoming research.
  •  In-depth interviews and focus groups with anglers in different group categories including retired avid anglers, and occasional Hispanic anglers (acculturated and non-acculturated).
  •  Development of a media allocation model that estimates the impact in increased awareness and intention to fish/boat for each additional dollar spent in each media type.
  •  Development and implementation of online and mixed mode survey instruments to measure changes in awareness, intent, and the level of influence of the campaign on the target audience.

Outcome: Effects of the Take me Fishing campaign have been identified in aggregate as well as specifically in terms of the ‘lift’ or increase in likelihood to go fishing as a result of the campaign. Quantified economic impact of the programs are measured and contrasted with control groups to discern effect. A data model has been developed to assist in the decision-making process associated with allocating budgets across media types and media outlets. The resulting information continues to support campaign refinements.