Millennial workers feel held back by Baby Boomer and Gen X bosses

ROCKVILLE, MD., August 31, 2017 –EurekaFacts recently released a new report that provides clearer evidence of millennial’s attitudes and opinions about work-related issues. “Millennial Work Engagement: An Unmet Desire” indicates that millennials are indeed passionate about their work, and often seek out employment with a meaningful purpose. However, they do not feel they are getting the support they need to advance in their careers from their Gen X and Baby Boomer employers.

Four possible scenarios are presented to explain the results:

The authors also propose potential solutions for each scenario, several of which could be filled by professional associations. These include identifying overlapping needs between maturing millennials and the organization, allowing Millennials to prove themselves and gain trust, training, and aiding Millennials in crafting career development plans.

The report was initiated to establish normative data after reviewing literature with many conflicting views of Millennials in the workplace. It is one of many reports EurekaFacts has conducted to help organizations understand emerging trends in their marketplace.   

The full report can be accessed at: