723 1High quality studies are dependent on the right recruits, not only for their quality but also to make sure timelines and costs are effectively managed. Experienced at conducting large and complex recruitment efforts, our team has refined recruitment of research participants processes to become highly reliable and of consistently superior quality. EurekaFacts provides research participant recruitment service for both studies completed at our facilities as well as for many clients who choose other locations where to field, or other methods altogether. With extensive partnerships with community-based organizations in the Washington metro and many other markets, along with a growing respondent database, we are ready to offer smooth recruitment for projects large and small.

Participant Recruitment

Highlights of key strengths in custom recruitments for the Washington metro and nationwide are:

  • Educators, administrators, executives, health providers
  • Hispanic/Latino population including non-acculturated monolingual Hispanics
  • Low Socio-Economic Status (SES) including inner city urban dwellers, recipients of WIC, SNAP
  • Parents of school-age children
  • Minors and youth
  • General population/consumers

Custom Panel Building

At EurekaFacts we have expertise and experience building and maintaining custom panels for clients to use on an ongoing basis, for one-time online fielding or longitudinal following. Custom panels are ideal to maintain pulse metrics among customers, specific user groups, and stakeholders.

Available research panels and extensive databases

  • Parents of school-aged children – Washington Metro
  • Millennial national panel  (national)
  • Hispanic consumers (national)
  • General population (national)