Human Factors Expertise

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The EurekaFacts usability and human factors methodology is based on a multi-disciplined approach to user interface design. This approach considers users' needs and limitations, as well as the organization's objectives. In order to understand and adjust specific designs to user preferences, we implement principles of cognition, usability, accessibility, and ergonomics.

User Research

The staff at EurekaFacts is highly experienced in a wide range of user research and user centered techniques, utilized to support the design of new software, development and testing of websites, and providing recommendations for system redesign and improvements.

  • User needs and requirements: Application of a wide range of qualitative and quantitative user research methods and techniques used to identify user needs and requirements
  • User modeling and typology: Investigation of various groups of key audiences and development of user typology to identify application design specification that would accommodate each user group
  • Contextual inquiry: Interviewing and observing users within the context of their work or tasks in order to identify system and software issues, challenges in system use and process barriers

Usability Testing

EurekaFacts has considerable experience in providing usability testing services to federal agencies, commercial companies, non-profits, and educational organizations. We have the ability to conduct tests in specialized labs with state-of-the-art equipment both remotely and in the field. We specialize in the following:

  • Usability testing of websites and web-based applications
    • Usability testing lab
    • Remote usability testing
    • Field usability testing
  • Information architecture: testing of content, navigation and accessibility of public government websites and web-based applications
  • Development and testing of online forms and publications, and online reporting portals
  • Heuristic evaluations (expert reviews), style guide reviews, and compliance reviews including accessibility reviews
  • Cognitive interviews: cognitive testing to ensure content readability and accessibility for various populations