Organizational Culture

9 organizationalNo two organizations are alike, and EurekaFacts understand the uniqueness of every organization. Organizational culture can be described as a system of shared beliefs, values, and assumptions, held by employees in an organization. These shared values can influence the attitudes and behavior of the staff, and how they perform their jobs. Understanding the organizational culture can prevent internal conflict, and create a healthy and productive work environment.

This is why we pride ourselves in working closely with the client to understand their organizational culture. Similar to the unique nature of every organization, EurekaFacts will design a research plan that best suits our client’s needs. In past projects, we have met with key stakeholders and employees to better understand their system of shared believes and values, and developed actionable research avenues. Some potential research methods include:

  • Comprehensive literature review
  • In-depth Interviews and/or focus groups
  • Multi-mode survey administration : Web, on-line, telephone, or paper
  • Observational research

Regardless of the chosen methodology, EurekaFacts has the staff, expertise, and state of the art facilities to conduct specialized and customized research to provide our clients with a meaningful evaluation of the company’s organizational culture.

Our strength in data collection, which ensures protection of personally identifiable information, and our proficient analytical processes, that result in high response rates along with insightful assessments and recommendations, will lead your organization to higher levels of performance and better outcomes.

EurekaFacts has extensive experience working with clients to design the optimal safety culture assessment. Previous cliental include:

  • The Department of Energy
  • The Unites States Army
  • Maryland Transit Authority
  • Sibley Memorial Hospital