Safety Culture

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EurekaFacts is well aware that organizational management and leadership practices, management and employee personal commitment, and overall work environment are all essential to development and maintenance of a high reliability and performance organization. The most effective approach to safety culture must go beyond a narrow focus on management, systems and employee dimensions, and incorporate broader culture dimensions that include organizational learning and just culture. The maintenance of safe and highly reliable organizational culture requires continuous effort. 

Learning from past mistakes and failures, requires so called “just culture,” culture where employees feel free and safe to raise and report safety concerns or issues to their management, and where such reports are treated in a fair and responsible manner. Development of safe and just culture requires a change in focus from errors and outcomes, to design of safe systems and management of the behavioral choices of all employees. Training and implementation programs focused only on the change of employees will not succeed unless system and organizational design is changed to ensure safe operations.

EurekaFacts has extensive experience working with clients to design the optimal safety culture assessment. EurekaFacts will design a research plan that best suits our client’s needs. Some potential research methods include:

  • Comprehensive literature review
  • In-depth Interviews  and/or focus groups
  • Multi-mode survey administration: Web, on-line, telephone, or paper

The research methodologies which would best assess the organizations' culture of safety, and varies in scope, from a simple review of the company literature, to focus groups and survey instrument design.

EurekaFacts has the staff expertise and state of the art facilities to conduct specialized and customized research to provide our clients with results and recommendations that will promote a safety conscious work environment.