Marketing Optimization

8 cognitive insightsChoice and buying behavior research informs a wide arrange of strategies that can optimize marketing strategy and tactics. With deep understanding of both marketing and quantitative analytical techniques the EurekaFacts team is ready to support a wide range of marketing optimization efforts.  The following are examples of the types of support we can provide with our market analysis techniques. Among the typical projects we undertake are:

Customer Profiling: EurekaFacts develops easy to understand, crystal-clear customer profiles that can help optimize your targeting efforts. We can characterize “best” customers and use GIS, statistical modelling and data-mining to help you identify future customers. You will gain an edge by enriching your understanding of your customers by integrating multiple types of data such as demographics, location, market/expenditures, social media, and specialized data sources specific to your industry and market.

Finding New and Better Customers: EurekaFacts can apply market segmentation techniques to evaluate your marketplace to identify customer/prospect groupings with similar characteristics or similar behaviors where your company can perform most effectively.

Media/Advertising Effectiveness: We can evaluate the influence of individual advertisements or mediums, using diverse inputs such as social media engagement, impressions, spending data, target audiences, social media activity, etc., on measures such as purchase, enrolment, and web traffic. Our media allocation models have been proven to be successful tools to allocate investments across multiple channels, optimize message targeting, and campaign timing.

Price Optimization: Using an array of techniques, EurekaFacts can optimize your results: ascertain the ideal price optimization for products, services, extended warranties, membership dues, up-sell features, etc.

Advanced Analytical Methods: We apply statistical techniques, including predictive analytics and marketing analysis, to evaluate your data and conduct modelling and forecasting such as cluster analysis, multinomial regression, CHAID classification tree analysis, linear discriminant analysis, and time-series analysis.

Opportunity Discovery: With our analysis, you will gain insights that help you understand and differentiate among your various target audiences identify where your organization has sufficiently penetrated and saturated existing markets, pinpoint the best targets for new prospects, and much more.

Opportunity Maximization: Our data analysis is aimed at supporting maximization efforts. Whether you seek to maximize revenue, customer retention, lifetime value, membership enrolment, cross-sell or up-sell strategies, or other objectives, our direct marketing capabilities, and strategic and analytical support will help ensure you reach and exceed your target goals.

Market Niche Selection/Optimization: Through segmentation, targeting, positioning, branding, pricing, modelling, and other strategy analyses, EurekaFacts will help you uncover and evaluate possible market strategies for new or existing products, programs, and service offerings.

Predictive Modelling: We develop predictive models that help target and maximize your efforts. Some applications include: maximization of direct marketing campaigns, optimization of marketing offers, maximization of customer value through selection of the best offers for each customer, as well as targeting and timing of efforts using our predictive models to help acquire, develop, cross-sell or up-sell, retain, or win back your customers.

Database Analysis: EurekaFacts finds the story behind your numbers by measuring impacts and outcomes, and pinpointing what really matters. We can evaluate large databases, records and data fields, and help you with your "big data" problem. We can ascertain which data fields are key performance indicators associated with increased efficiency and effectiveness.