Advanced Analytics

4 adv analytics

EurekaFacts has an extensive experience conducting data mining, multivariate analyses, statistical, econometric, and predictive modeling for private firms, non-profit organizations, and Federal agencies. We master both supervised and unsupervised machine learning. The most common techniques we use include:

  • General Linear Models and other regression models including MANOVA and ANCOVA models, as well as logistic, non-linear, and hierarchical regression models
  • Bayesian analytic approaches that consider prior probabilities, including Bayesians neural network models
  • CHAID and CART decision tree analyses
  • Cluster analysis using both frequentist (e.g., K-means cluster) and Bayesian models like Latent Class Analysis
  • Structural equation modeling
  • Survival analyses

EurekaFacts analytical staff is ready to help our clients to develop analytical plans to answer their research questions, and employ the highest standards of quality control in data management and analyses to yield accurate results.