Survey Research

2 quantitativeEurekaFacts offers all types of quantitative research which can be tailored to fit your unique need. These approaches include study design, sampling, survey research, data analysis, and content analysis and reporting. Our researchers work closely with clients to understand needs, and recommend methodological approaches that best fit a particular research goal.

Survey Research

The broad application of survey research involves asking questions to respondents, in order to better understand your audience. Our survey methodologists and area experts work closely with clients to develop and implement survey design which best meet the project requirements. Our survey capabilities include instrument design, pre-testing, and a refinement. Moreover, we are equipped with capabilities to deliver all types of surveys, including:

  •  Telephone Survey
  •  Web Survey
  •  Face-to-Face Survey
  •  Mail Survey

Data Analysis

EurekaFacts has significant experience applying a broad range of statistical techniques to analyze and model data for clients. EurekaFacts has a very strong analytical team with advanced degrees in statistics, licenses to highly-specialized statistical software tools (e.g. SPSS, R, and Strata), geo-spatial analysis and visualization (ARC GIS, Mapinfo), data visualization tools (Tableau, Power BI), machine learning tools, open text mining tools, and years of experience in conducting advanced statistical analyses. Leveraging our data mining capabilities we excel at supplementing primary data with a variety of secondary data sources and administrative records to provide our clients with greater insight. In many instances we use survey and other data to develop various econometric models.