Qualitative Research

1 qualitativeEurekaFacts has a significant amount of experience conducting qualitative research studies. Our team of trained, experienced qualitative researchers help clients uncover in-depth motivators which leverage clients’ goals of informed and effective decision making. Our studies are designed to address projects large and small, using in-person and online focus groups, In-depth interviewing, ethnographic studies, and cognitive interviewing.

Focus Groups

As part of qualitative methodology, EurekaFacts offers focus group capabilities. Focus groups are useful to learn which issues need to be addressed in marketing campaign planning. Focus groups are often recommended because they allow research participants to comment on the question areas and elaborate on the ideas presented by others, so that the outcome provides rich background information on your research areas as they would be discussed with others. At EurekaFacts, trained focus group moderators and recruiters will collect a wide range of input, uncover implications, probe for new ideas, and identify possible areas of sought value. With many years of experience in conducting focus groups nationwide, our focus group moderators facilitate sessions with groups of diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, occupations, and educational levels.

In-depth Interviewing

EurekaFacts qualitative research capabilities also include in-depth interviews, or IDIs. IDI is qualitative method of research where the researcher asks open-ended questions orally and records the respondent’s answers. Interviewing is most effectively used for understanding the underlying attitudes, beliefs, and cultural influences that motivate the respondent’s behavior. EurekaFacts is equipped with experienced interviewers who possess advanced degrees in anthropology, psychology, sociology, and business. EurekaFacts can conduct in-depth interviews in any format (e.g. EurekaFacts, on-site, telephone, web based), with various types of respondents to provide deeper insight in any research question.

Field Studies

EurekaFacts has a significant amount of experience conducting ethnographic studies. Ethnography, or field research, is an observational form of research, where a researcher relies on their observation for insight. This technique includes the use of observation, interviewing, and videotaping people in the context of their everyday lives to provide deep insight and rich data.  Field research overcomes the limitations involved with traditional forms of research, which depend on self-reporting and the researchers’ frame of reference, revealing the unspoken social patterns that may influence respondent behavior. Experts at conducting multi-site studies, proven data collection processes, and analytical approaches yield rich data in record timeframes and within budget. We use both traditional techniques as well as powerful technology assisted methods to mine through massive amounts of qualitative information, ethnographic data, observation videos, bringing you distilled, succinct, and on target findings and recommendations.

Cognitive Interviews

EurekaFacts offers cognitive interviewing for any research need. Cognitive Interviewing entails a set of techniques to better understand the processes that an interviewee employs when answering questions in a survey. Traditionally used to pre-test surveys, clients are increasingly using it to test communications materials, instructions, and training guides. EurekaFacts’ multicultural team of professionals has decades of experience and expertise conducting cognitive interviews and developing effective cognitive interviewing techniques in several languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Chinese.