Contract Vehicles

Services can be accessed by government agencies and government contractors in a simplified process.

Federal Government-Wide Acquisition Contract Vehicles (GWAC) - GSA Professional Services Schedule GS 00F211CA

  • Consulting, Facilitation and Survey Services (formerly MOBIS: 874-1, 74-2, 874-3). Special rates have already been negotiated with the government. Contact us or find us on the e-buy catalog.
  • Marketing research and analysis services can be accessed through our schedule (Frmerly AIMS: 541-4A). Contact us or find us on the e-buy catalog.

Agency Specific IDIQ Contracts:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Census R&D
  • Social Security Administration

State/Local Level

  • Maryland Transit Administration – IDIQ Consulting Approved Subcontractor
  • Maryland Transportation Authority – Revenue Forecasting Services – Approved Subcontractor
  • Maryland Department of IT - CATS + Contractor for the following categories; Web and Internet Services; Electronic Document Management; Geographical Information Systems; Software Engineering; Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance; IT Management Consulting Services; Business Process Consulting Services; Media and Training Center Support; Documentation/Technical Writing.
  • Massachusetts Public Health IDIQ Contract
  • Montgomery County Government - Marketing services incl. marketing researchNew York MTA – Approved subcontractor of survey services
  • New Jersey MTA - Approved subcontractor for research services

In addition to the ease in contracting, EurekaFacts is a certified small business at federal and state levels (SB, SDB, MBE, DBE, LDBE). 

State level MBE/DBE certifications in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia.

Large Company Supplier networks: Member Supplier Connections (IBM, Bank of America, Johns Hopkins, AT&T, Pfizer, Facebook, Dupont, UPS, Dell, Merk, Citi, Wells Fargo).