About Eureka Facts

EurekaFacts is a full service market research and analysis firm that provides information and insight that helps identify and maximize opportunity for better impact. Our mission is to equip the people who lead efforts toward building a better, safer, healthier world with the information needed to shape and improve the market strategy and tactics of their organizations and initiatives.

In order to deliver insightful, accurate, and on-target information at a reasonable cost, our teams of talented professionals use data collection and knowledge-discovery methods and technologies that best meet the demands of each situation and organization. We measure our progress in terms of our role in the increased effectiveness of the efforts, companies and organizations we serve.

Our History

Inspired by the feeling of success brought when newly discovered facts uncover ways to improve an organization and shape strategy, EurekaFacts was established in early 2003. From day one, we centered our efforts on delivering top quality service and building core capabilities to become a new kind of insight provider.

With a strong team and highly competitive technical and management capabilities, the company is constantly achieving new heights. Today, EurekaFacts is the custom research and analysis firm that provides insights to support targeted communications, program evaluations, user-centered design, strategic decisions and data-driven tactics. Our robust specialized infrastructure includes focus group facilities, a multinational interviewing network, fully equipped usability and cognitive labs, a multilingual call center and vast data collection and analytics systems and tools. Focused on quality and positive social impact, the company established its own Institutional Review Board (IRB), is certified to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) quality standard (ISO 20252:2012) for market, public opinion and social research, and maintains a FISMA rated secure environment.

The firm is proud to support efforts of a growing number of clients working with many of the largest, most reputable organizations worldwide. EurekaFacts is quickly becoming a favored customer insight provider and an emerging leader in the field.